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JPN OCTAVE OTCD-3157 (May.2013)

アート・オブ・ノイズの新ベスト盤。ZTT期のみならずチャイナレコード期も含めたオールタイム盤。2枚組で1枚目(The A Side)にはシングル曲、人気曲、サントラ提供曲やシングルB面曲を収録。2枚目(The AA Side)は未発表曲、未発表バージョンを収録。最初の分裂後、残されたトレヴァー・ホーンとポール・モーリーが録音した"This is Your Life"やロル・クレームが参加したがお蔵入りとなった1998年のアルバム"Balance - Music for the Eye"(The Image of a Group名義)からの楽曲など超レア音源が収録されている。

track list

A Is For Beginning (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Moments In Love (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Beat Box (Diversion 10) (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Close (To The Edit) (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Love Beat (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Promenade One (Dudley)
Legs (Dudley/Jeczalik/Langan)
Peter Gunn featuring Duane Eddy (mancini)
Paranoimia fraturing Max Headroom (The Paranoid Mix) (Dudley/Jeczalik/Langan)
Dragnet (Art Of Noise 7" Mix) (Dudley/Jeczalik/Schuman)
Promenade Two (Dudley)
Ode To Don Jose (Dudley/Jeczalik)
Acton Art (Dudley/Jeczalik)
(Theme From) The Krypton Factor (Dudley/Jeczalik)
Kiss featuring Tom Jones (Prince)
Finale (Dudley)
Metaforce featuring Rakim (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Something Is Missing (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
The Holy Egoism Of Genius (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)

[Hidden Track]
Un Tendre Et Triste Regret (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)

Interlude One (Horn)
Beep Beep (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Beat Box (Diversion 3.4, Extracted) (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
A Time For Fear (JJ's 12" Remix) (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Dainty (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Moments In Love (Anne To Tears Mix) (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Moments In Love with Lucky Gordon (Monitor Mix) (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)
Interlude Two (Creme)
This Is Your Life (Take Six, TCH Vox) (Horn/Morley)
This Is Your Life (Take Three, M Vox) (Horn/Morley)
I'm A Stranger Here Myself (Dudley/Jeczalik)
Cassandra (Dudley/Jeczalik)
Interlude Three (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Dr Gradus (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Dreaming In Colour, via Way Out West
On Being Blue (New Vox) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Beau Soir (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Balance - Music For The Eye, Extract From Part Three (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Dr Gradus (Reprise) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
The Invention Of Love (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)

[Hidden Track]
Rutti Tutti Tutti (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)


Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,17,18,19 and 20
Produced by Trevor Horn

Tracks 6, 11 and 16
Prodeuced by Dudley, Jeczalik, Hayton

Tracks 7, 8 and 9
Prodeuced by Dudley, Jeczalik, Langan

Tracks 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15
Prodeuced by Dudley, Jeczalik

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,14,16,17,18,19,20 and 21
Produced by Trevor Horn

Track 15
Produced by Trevor Horn and Way Out West

Tracks 11 and 12
Prodeuced by Dudley, Jeczalik

Devised, compiled and Cuurated by Ian Peel.
Packaged in the capital by Phi;ip Marshall, April 2010.

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