Art Of Noise / Reduction


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UK ZTT ZTT147CD (Mar.2000)
JPN Third-Ear Japan XECZ-1013/1014 (Oct.2008)


track list

Identity Crisis (art of noise)
Motive (art of noise)
(New York London Paris)Spleen (art of noise/Rakim)
Saluting The Point Of No Return (art of noise)
Man And Boy (art of noise)
Information (art of noise)
And I Placed My Fingers On Her Eyes AS Though I Were Touching The Silent Controls Of A TV Set (art of noise)


Recorded in the opening month of the year 2000 at the workshop Willesden north London
Music originally produced by Trevor Horn
Reproduced by Paul Morley and James Banbury
Drums Loops Percussion Rhythms Shuffles: Paul Waller, Earl Harvin, Jeremy Stacey, Knob, art of noise, Noone, James Banbury, The moon in the womb
Bleeps Blots Blinks Keys Swoops: art of noise, Anne Dudley, Jamie Muhoberac, Tim Weidner, Knob
Strums Twangs Shimmers: Lol Creme, art of noise, Trevor Horn
Spaces Things: art of noise, Paul Morley, Rakim
"Motive" includes traces of John Hurt and Sally Bradshaw

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Art Of Noise/The Seduction Of Claude Debussy + Reduction
CD Third-Ear Japan XECZ-1013/1014

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Indentity Crisis / Motive / (New York London Paris)Spleen / Saluting The Point Of No Return / Man And Boy / Information / And I Placed My Fingers On Her Eyes As Though I Were Touching The Silent Controls Of A TV Set / Metaforce -The X-Ray Of A Metaphor

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