Godley & Creme / Birds Of Prey


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UK Polydor POLD 5070 (Apr.1983)
JPN Polydor 28MM 0248


track list

マイ・ボディ・ザ・カー My Body The Car (Godley/Creme)
ワーム・アンド・ザ・ラトルスネーク Worm And The Rattlesnake (Godley/Creme)
キャッツ・アイズ Cats Eyes (Godley/Creme)
サムソン Samson (Godley/Creme)
セイヴ・ア・マウンテン・フォー・ミー Save A Mountain For Me (Godley/Creme)

マダム・ギロチン Madame Guillotine (Godley/Creme)
ウッドワーク Woodwork (Godley/Creme)
ツイステッド・ナーヴ Twisted Nerve (Godley/Creme)
アウト・イン・ザ・コールド Out In The Cold (Godley/Creme)


All titles written, Arranged and performed by Godley & Creme.
Trumpet: Guy Barker on 'Save A Mountain For Me'.
Recorded at Godley & Creme's Lymehouse Studios, Leatherhead.
Engineered by Lol Creme and remixed by Nigel Gray ati Syrrey Sound Studios, Leatherhead.
All songs publeshed by St. Annes Music Ltd.
Reproduced by Permission.
Sleeve design and photography: Geoff Halpin.
A Godley & Creme Production.


Godley & Creme/Save A Mountain For Me
Polydor POSP 490

Save A Mountain For Me / Welcome To Breakfast Televison

Godley & Creme/Samson
Polydor POSP 550

Samson / Samson(Dance Mix)

Godley & Creme/Golden Boy
Polydor POSP 677

Golden Boy / My Body The Car

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Godley & Creme/Birds Of Prey
SHM-CD Universal Music Japan UICY-94543

My Body The Car / Worm And The Rattlesnake / Cats Eyes / Samson / Save A Mountain For Me / Madame Guillotine / Woodwork / Twisted Nerve / Out In The Cold

[Bonus Tracks]
Welcome To Breakfast Television / Samson (Dance Remix) / Golden Boy / Samson (UK 7" Promo Single Edit) / Golden Boy (Long Version)


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