Lol Creme and Kevin Godley / L


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UK Mercury 9109 611(Aug.1978)
JPN Nippon Phonogram RJ-7515


track list

スポーティング・ライフ The Sporting Life (Godley/Creme)
君のサンドイッチ Sandwiches Of You (Godley/Creme)
アート・スクール・キャンティーン Art School Canteen (Godley/Creme)
グループ・ライフ Group Life (Godley/Creme)

パンチバッグ Punchbag (Godley/Creme)
フォーリン・アクセント Foreign Accents (Godley/Creme)
ヒット・ファクトリー~ビジネス・イズ・ビジネス Hit Factory / Business Is Bussiness (Godley/Creme)


Gizmo and Brass arrangements by Godley and Creme
Recorded at Surrey Sound Studios Leatherhead Surrey

Engineerd by Nigel Gray and Chris Gray
between March and June 1978

Mastered by Melvyn Abrahams at Strawberry Mastering (UK) Ltd, London

Thanks to Zoe, Susie and Geoff

All compositions written and produced by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley

Original photography: Sally Fear
Art, design and xerography: Hothouse
Art Direction: Alan Schmidt

"The Sporting Life"
Kevin Godley: Drums, Vocals, Xylophone, Roto-Toms, Percussion.
Lol Creme: Piano, Rhodes, Guitars, Kramer Bass, Gizmo, Vocals, Farfisa Organ.
Paul Gambaccini: Bad Samaritan

"Sandwiches Of You"
Kevin Godley: Drums, Vocaks, Percussion, Xylophone
Lol Creme: Guitars, Kramer Bass, Vocals

"Art School Canteen"
Kevin Godley: Congas, Vocals
Lol Creme: Guild Twelve String Acoustic, Guild Acoustic Bass, Vocals, Piano, Gizmo

"Group Life"
Kevin Godley: Drums, Bass, Vocals, Triangle
Lol Creme: Clavinet, Rhodes, Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Jonathan Handelsman: Alto and Soprano Saxophones

Kevin Godley: Drums, Vocals, Clavinet
Lol Creme: Guitars, Kramer Bass, Piano, Vocals, Gizmo

"Foreign Accents"
Kevin Godley: Vocals, Percussion
Lol Creme: Gizmo, Percussion, Drums, Guitars, Kramer Bass, Vocals

"Hit Factory / Business Is Bussiness"
Kevin Godley: Bongos, Vocals, Percussion
Lol Creme: Guitars, Piano, Kramer Bass, Gizmo, Vocals
Andy Mackay: Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophones


Godley & Creme/Sadwiches Of You
Mercury 6008 104

Sadwiches Of You / Foregin Accents

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Lol Creme and Kevin Godley / L
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