Godley & Creme / Cry: The Best of


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EU SPECTRUM SPEC2168 (Mar.2014)


track list

Under Your Thumb (Godley/Creme)
Wedding Bells (Godley/Creme)
5 O'Clock In The Morning (Godley/Creme)
Sandwiches Of You (Godley/Creme)
An Englishman In New York (Godley/Creme)
Submarine (Godley/Creme)
Wide Boy (Godley/Creme)
Snack Attack (Godley/Creme)
I Pity Inanimate Objects (Godley/Creme)
Golden Boy (Godley/Creme)
H.E.A.V.E.N/A Little Piece Of Heaven (Godley/Creme)
10,000 Angels (Godley/Creme)
Lost Weekend (Godley/Creme)
My Body The Car (Godley/Creme)
Freeze Frame (Godley/Creme)
Power Behind The Throne (Godley/Creme)
Marciano (instrumental) (Godley/Creme)
Cry (Godley/Creme)


Compilation and sleevenotes by Daryl Easlea
Project managed by Paul Fernandes
Design by Estuary English
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios

inserted by FC2 system