Hotlegs / You Didn't Like It Because You didn't Think Of It


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JPN Nippon Phonogram RJ-7562


track list

ウム・ワー・ウム・ウォウ Um Wah, Um Woh (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
トゥディ Today (Godley/Creme)
叩けよ、さらば開かれん You Didn't Like It Because You didn't Think Of It (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
フライ・アウェイ Fly Away (Godley/Creme)
ラン・ベイビー・ラン Run Baby Run (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
恋に破れて The Loser (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
ネアンデルタール・マン Neanderthal Man (Godley/Creme/Stewart)

ハウ・メニー・タイムス How Many Times (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
やけくそダン Desperate Dan (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
テイク・ミー・バック Take Me Back (Godley/Creme)
君はレディ・サディー Lady Sadie (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
カリフォルニア・チルドレン All God's Children (Godley/Creme/Stewart)
F・A・組曲 第一楽章:オン・マイ・ウェイ/第二楽章:優柔不断/第三楽章:帰郷
Suite F. A. (1st Movement - On My Way / 2nd Movement - Indecision / 3rd Movement - The Return) (Godley/Creme)


Eric Stewart: guitar, bass, vocals, moog
Kevin Godley: vocals, drums, percussion
Lol Creme: guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Graham Gouldman: bass guitar on 'Today'
Tony Harrison: string arrangements for 'Today'
Mike Timoney: Organ on 'Take Me Back' & 'Today'
Baz Barker: first violin on 'How Many Times'
Cheadle Hulme High School Choir: Suite F.A.
Brian Day: musical director
Engineered by Eric Stewart and Peter Tattersall
A Strawberry Production
Recorded at Strawberry Studios Manchester England 1970/1971
Sleeve front drawing by Godley and Creme

This Compilation (P) 1976 Phonogram Ltd.

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Hotlegs/You Didn't Like It Because You Didn't Think of It - The Complete Sessions 1970-1971

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Neanderthal Man / How Many Times / Desperate Dan / Take Me Back / Um-Wah-Um-Woh / Suite F.A. / Fly Away / Run Baby Run / All God's Children / The Loser / Today / Lady Sadie / You Didn't Like It Because You Didn't Think Of It / Neanderthal Man (US Stereo Mix)


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