Strawberry Bubblegum -A Collection Of Pre-10cc Strawberry Studios Recordings 1969-1972


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EU Castle Music CMRCD 751 (Jul.2003)

10ccデビュー前後に4人がストロベリー・スタジオでスタジオ・ミュージシャンとして参加した楽曲を、RCAやPYEレーベルの音源を中心に集めたコンピレーション盤。4人の変名バンドも収録。隠しトラックとしてイギリスのコメディアン、レスリー・クラウザーの"Santa Claus"を収録。

track list

Sausalito (Is The Place To Go) - Ohio Express (Gouldman)
Come On Plane - Silver Fleet (Gouldman/Kasanetz/Kaz)
Tampa, Florida - Peter Cowap (Cowap/Gouldman)
Have You Ever Been To Georgia ? - Garden Odyssey (Gouldman)
Travellin' Man - Tristar Airbus (Gouldman)
Crickets - Peter Cowap (Cowap/Hillary)
Susan's Tuba - Freddie & The Dreamers (Cordell/Gouldman)
Today - Festival (Godley/Creme)
Umbopo - Doctor Father (Godley/Creme)
Safari - Peter Cowap (Gouldman/Cowap)
Da Doo Ron Ron - Grumble (Greenwich/Barry/Spector)
The Joker - Garden Odyssey (Gouldman/Greemfield)
Funky City - Manchester City F.C. (Godley/Creme/Gouldman)
The Man With The Golden Gun - Peter Cowap (Cowap/Gouldman)
When He Comes - Fighter Squadron (Gouldman/Kaz/Kasanetz)
Roll On - Doctor Father (Godley/Stewart/Creme)
Wicked Melinda - Peter Cowap (Cowap/Hillary)
Willie Morgan - Tristar Airbus (Smith/Gouldman)
Pig Bin An' Gone - Grumble (Stewart/Creme/Gouldman/Godley)
Warm Me - Festival (Stewart/Gouldman)
Oh Soloman - Peter Cowap (Gouldman/Cowap)
Boys In Blue - Manchester City F.C. (Godley/Creme/Gouldman)
There Ain't No Umbopo - Crazy Elephant (Godley/Creme)

[hidden track]
Santa Claus -Leslie Crowther (Hilary)


All tracks engineered by Eric Stewart

compiled and annotated by David Wells
design and artwork by Paul Bevoir, for love Melody
remastered by Andy at Masterpiece
co-ordinated by Antony Amos, Steve Hammonds & John '4% of something' Reed

(P) 2003 The copyright in this compilation is owned by Sanctuary Records Group Ltd
(C) 2003 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd

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