Victor and Annette Brox / Rollin' Back (album)


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UK Sonet SNTF 663


track list

Hold On Till The Train Comes (Brox)
Funky Dixie (Brox)
Trample Down The Weeds (Brox)
In This Time Of Trouble (Brox)
Brox's Boogie (Brox)

Working Man's Blues (Brox)
It's A Beautiful Sunrise (Brox)
Casper's Song (Brox)
Rollin' Back (Brox)
From This World To The Next (Brox)


Recorded from 1971-74 by
Annette Brox, vocals and percussion
Victor Brox, keyboards and brass
with the Blues train
Jeff "Dunlop" Walters, T+B Sax, Flute
Glen Cartlidge, Gtr, T Sax
Harvey Rose, Bass, vocals
Tosh Ryan-Carter, Alto Sax
Paul Burgess, percussion, drums

Special Thanks also to :
Bass: Tony Moss, Alex Dmchowskl
Guitar: Ray Russell,John Worshead, Lorry Gannou, Pete Waugh, John Porter, Dave Lowarch, Gordon Reed
Drums: Keith Bailey
Percussion: Bruce Mitchell, Lol Creme
Saxaphone: Ray Warleigh
Trombone: Bran Keith
Vocals: Charlene Collins, Geraldine Connor, Joyce Hobson, June Lewis, Louis Hutchinson, Pete Waugh, Nrian Keith, Gordon Reed

Thanks for assistance to Peter Edden + Eric Stewart
Covers by David Vaughan
Photography: Jay + John
Recorded at Camel, Sun, Strawberry, The Manor
Mixed at Pye

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