Bob Geldof / The Vegetarians Of Love (album)


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UK Mercury 846 250-1 (Jul.1990)
JPN Mercury PHCR-1020 (Aug.1990) ※CD only


track list

ゴスペル・ソング A Gospel Song (Geldof)
ラヴ・オア・サムシング Love or Something (Geldof/Stewart)
グレイト・ソング・オブ・インディファレンス The Great Song of Indifference (Geldof)
シンキング・ヴォイジャー・2・タイプ・シングス Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things (Geldof/Briquette)
ビッグ・ロマンティック・スタッフ Big Romantic Stuff (Geldof)
クルーシファイ・ミー Crucified Me (Geldof)

チェインズ・オブ・ペイン The Chains of Pain (Geldof/Mitchell)
夜に咲くバラ A Rose at Night (Geldof)
ノー・スモール・ワンダー No Small Wonder (Geldof/Mitchell)
ウォーキング・バック・トゥ・ハピネス Walking Back to Happiness (Geldof)
レット・イット・ゴー Let It Go (Geldof)
エンド・オブ・ザ・ワールド The End of the World (Geldof)


Bob Geldof: Acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals
Pete Briquette: Basses, keyboards
Phil Palmer: Acoustic and electric guitars
Geoff Richardson: Viola, electric and acoustic guitars, clarinet, saxophone, recorders, penny whistles, ukelels
Steve Fleccher: Piano, organ
Alun Dunn: Acoordians, organ
Rupert Hine: Piano, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Bob Loveday: Violin, penny whisties, bass

Gerry Moffet: Electric guitar
Paul Carrack: organ
Geoff Dugmore: Drums and percussion
Kevin Godley: Backing vocals
Cameron Jenkins: Saxophone on 'Love or Something'
Gordon Bonnar: Guitar on 'The Chains of Pain'
Dave Stewart: Guitar on 'Love or Something'

Recorded at Maison Rouge Studios, London
by Stephen W. Tayler and Andrew Scarth,
assisted by Emmanuel Tayet.

Mixed at Maison Rouge Studios, London
by Stephen W. Tayler and Cameron Jenkins.

Mastered by Arun Chakraverty at The Master Room.

Demos produced by Pete Briquette.

Jig section on 'The Great Song of Indifference'
arranged by Pete Briquette.


Bob Geldof/Love Or Something
Mercury BOB 105

Love Or Something / Out Of Order

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Bob Geldof/The Vegetarians Of Love
CD Mercury 846 250-2

A Gospel Song / Love or Something / The Great Song of Indifference / Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things / Big Romantic Stuff / Crucified Me / The Chains of Pain / A Rose at Night / No Small Wonder / Walking Back to Happiness / Let It Go / The End of the World

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