Crazy Elephant / There Ain't No Umbopo


US BELL 875 (May,1970)


track list

There Ain't No Umbopo (Godley/Creme)

Land Rover (Katz/Kasenetz/Cordell/Gold/Schindler)


"There Ain't No Umbopo"
A Super K Production
Prod. by R.Cordell & G. Gouldman
Exec. Producers Brett Kasenetz and Simone Katz

A Product of Kasenetz and Katz Assoc.

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Crazy Elephant/Crazy Elephant
CD Repertoire RES 2333

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' / Respect / Pam / Come To The Farm / Somewhere / My Baby (Honey Pie) / Sunshine, Red Wine / (Heartless) Hertie Gertie / Love Strike / Try This When You're Ready / Higher And Higher / Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

[Bonus Tracks]
Dark Part Of My Mind / Sunshine (Red Wine) / Pam / Gimme Some More / My Baby (Honey Pie) / There's A Better Day A Comin' (Na,Na,Na,Na) / Space Buggy / There Ain't No Umbopo / Landrover / Respect Revisited / In A Castle / Hips And Flips / Splif Dna Spih

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