Kate Bush / Aerial (album)


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EU EMI KBACD01 (Nov.2005)
JPN Toshiba-EMI TOCP-66474/5 (Nov.2005)


track list

キング・オブ・ザ・マウンテン King of the Mountain (Bush)
π~円周率 π (Bush)
バーティ Bertie (Bush)
バルトロッツィ夫人 Mrs. Bartolozzi (Bush)
透明人間になる方法 How to Be Invisible (Bush)
ジョアンニ Joanni (Bush)
コーラル・ルーム A Coral Room (Bush)

プレリュード Prelude (Bush)
プロローグ Prologue (Bush)
建築家の夢 An Architect's Dream (Bush)
ペインターズ・リンク The Painter's Link (Bush)
サンセット Sunset (Bush)
エアリアル・タル Aerial Tal (Bush)
サムウェア・イン・ビトウィーン Somewhere in Between (Bush)
ノクターン Nocturn (Bush)
エアリアル Aerial (Bush)


Piano and Keyboards: Kate
Drums: Peter Erskine, Stuart Elliott, Steve Sanger
Bass: Eberhard Weber, John Giblin, Del Palmer
Percussion: Bosco D'Oliveira
Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Dan Mclntosh
Hammond Organ: Gary Brooker
Didgeridoo: Rolf Harris

Backing Vocals: Lol Creme, Gary Brooker, Paddy Bush
Male Vocal on 'A Coral Room': Michael Wood

Accordion: Chris Hall.
Viols: Richard Campbell, Susan Pell.
Renaissance Guitar: Eligio Quinteira
Renaissance Percussion: Rpbin Jeffrey.
The Painter: Rolf Harris.
The Sun: Bertie

Written and Produced Kate
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Del Palmer
Mastered by James Guthrie

'Bertie' String Arrangement: Bill Dunne

Orchestral Arrangements: Michael Kamen. London Metropolitan Orchestra
Conducted by Michael Kamen at Abbey Road Studios
Engineered by Simon Rhodes and Assisted by Chris Bolster

Italian Translation by Josephine Bartolinni

Design by Kate and Peacock.
'Washing' Photography by John Carder-Bush
'Fishermen' Painting by James Southall, reproduced with permission of the Barrow Family
'Indus Bird Mask' Photography by Randy Olson
Kate portrait by Trevor Leighton
Drawings by Bertie

Published by Kate Bush trading as Noble and Brite

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