Mandalaband / The Eye Of Wendor: Prophecies (album)


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UK Chrysalis 1181
JPN Toshiba-EMI WWS-81110


track list

魔石ウェンダー The Eye Of Wendor (Rohl)
フローリアンの歌 Florian's Song (Rohl)
ライド・トゥ・ザ・シティ Ride To The City (Rohl)
アルマーの塔 Almar's Tower (Rohl)
風の如く Like The Wind (Rohl)
大嵐 The Tempest (Rohl)
新たなる夜明け Dawn Of A New Day (Rohl)

カーシリアスからの脱出 Departure From Carthilias (Rohl)
大海蛇 Elsethea (Rohl)
ウォルドーの森の魔女 Witch Of Waldow Wood (Rohl)
サイルサンドラ Silesandre (Rohl)
イーノルド王の嘆き Aenord's Lament (Rohl)
王の葬列 Funeral Of The King (Rohl)
ダミエンの戴冠式 Coronation Of Damien (Rohl)


Written and Produced by Davy Rohl
Engineered and Mixed by Davy Rohl and Martin Lawrence
Assistant Engineer - Chris Nagle
Production Co-ordination - Steve C. Smith
Recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, England between 1976 and 1978
Mastered at Utopia Cutting Room, London by Ian Cooper
String, Brass and Choir arrangements by Ritchie Close, Phil Champman and Terry Davies
Cover Photography - James Cotier
Story Illustrations - Graham Garside
Map by Gilly Rohl and Graham Carside
Slipsheet Design and Layout - John Sims
Slipsheet Photography - Davy Rohl and Martin Lawrence
Story Concept by Davy Rohl, Gilly Rohl and Graham Garside
Written by Gilly Rohl

Mandalaband is -
Pianos - Ritchie Close, Davy Rohl.
Drums - Kim Turner, Mel Pritchard.
Bass - Graham Gouldman, Pete Clennon, Alf Tramontin, Noel Redding, Les Holroyd.
Electric Guitars - Steve Broomhead, Jimmy McDonnell, John Lees.
Acoustic Guitars - Steve Broomhead, Kim Turner.
Voice Box Guitar - Norman Barratt.
Fender Rhodes and Clavinet - Ritchie Close.
Audio Poano - Davy Rohl.
Mellotrons - Woolly Wolstenholme.
Moog and String Synthesisers - Davy Rohl, Woolly Wolstenholme.
A.R.P.Synthesiser - Woolly Wolstenholme.
Hammond Organ - Jon Turner.
Saxes and Flutes - Phil Chapman.
Percussion - Kim Turner, David Hassle, Martin Lawrence, Mel Pritchard.
Tuned Percussion - Kim Turner.
Synthesised Percuttion Unit - John Gilston.
Obie - Tony Spath.
Northumbrian Pipes - Gerry Murphy.
Records - Richard Scott.
French Horns - Micky Purton, Russell Hayward, Paul Bryan Farr.
Trumpets - Andy Crompton, Mike Carlton, Dave Gorton.
Choir - Gerald Brown Singers.
Director - Gerry Brown.
Strings - Members of the Halle Orchestra.
Leader - Michael Davis.
Vocalists - Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Maddy Prior, Justin Hayward, Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Paul Young, Ian Wilson, Friday Brown, Kim Turner, Steve Broomhead, Martin Lawrence, Davy Rohl, Gilly Rohl, Fiona Parker.

Special thanks to:-
Peter, Cathy and all at Strawberry
without whose help this album could not have been made, Ian Cooper at Utopia for all your time and effort, and everyone at Chrysalis for your patience.

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Mandalaband / The Eye Of Wendor: Prophecies
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The Eye Of Wendor / Florian's Song / Ride To The City / Almar's Tower / Like The Wind / The Tempest / Dawn Of A New Day / Departure From Carthilias / Elsethea / The Witch Of Waldow Wood / Silesandre / Aenord's Lament / Funeral Of The King / Coronation Of Damien

[bonus tracks]
The Eye Of Wendor (Indigo) / The Witch Of Waldow Wood (Indigo) / Silesandre (Indigo)


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