The Fivepenny Piece / Makin'Tracks (album)


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UK Columbia SCX 6536

70年代にはBBCテレビで"The Fivepenny Piece Show"と看板番組を持つほど人気があったそうだ。

track list

Lou-Lay-Lye (Meek/Radcliffe)
Land Of The Musical Telephone (Meek/Radcliffe)
Winter Sun (Meek/Radcliffe)
Homemade Brew (Meek/Crotty/Radcliffe)
Emerald Dew (Meek/Radcliffe)
The Old Tyrant (Meek/Crotty)
He Willy Nilly (Meek/Radcliffe)
The Journeys Of My Mind (Meek/Radcliffe)

The Time Is Now (Meek/Radcliffe)
A Gradely Prayer (Meek/Radcliffe; Words by Clarke)
The Passing Of Today (Meek/Radcliffe)
The Day Of The Rain (Meek/Radcliffe)
I'm Henpecked (Meek/Radcliffe)
Rembrandt (Meek/Radcliffe)
See-Saw Song (Meek/Radcliffe)


Recording produced by Bob Barratt
Recording engineers: Dave Fleming and Alan Parsons
Strings and Woodwind arranged by Ed Welch
Front photo: P.H.V.
Location by kind permission of the Dinting Railway Center, Glossop, Derbyshire

The Fivepenny Piece:
LYNDA MEEKS (Vocal), JOHN MEEKS (Vocal & Guitar), EDDIE CROTTY (Vocal & Guitar), GEORGE RADCLIFFE (Bass Guitar) and COLIN RADCLIFF (Electric Guitar).
And with special thanks to Philip Barlow and Kevin Godley on drums.


The Fivepenny Piece/A Gradely Prayer
Columbia DB 8950

A Gradely Prayer / Reflections Of Emily

The Fivepenny Piece/The People Tree
Columbia DB8975

The People Tree / Home Made Brew

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