Bipolar Empire/Feel That You Own It

Music Video
Directed by: Kevin Godley
Edited by: Dan Gannon
Produced by: AnneMarie Naughton, Park Films
Executive Producer: Suzanne Doyle
Production Mgr: Lindsay Campbell
Director of Photography: Ivan McCullough
Cameras: Vincent Gallagher, Simon Keenen
Art Director: Stephanie Clerkin
1st A.D.: Mike Hayes
A.D. for Band: Lance Hogan
Props: Jim Walsh
Art Dept Asst: Lorraine Hewson
Production Asst: Lisa Quinlan, Kirby Morgan
Headlines: Dave Kenny
Make Up/Hair: Fiona Hogan
Playback: Jason Boland
Stills Photography: Marcelo Biglia
Post Production: Peter Brady, Windmill Lane Post Production
PA: Litton Lane
PR: Mark Kilbride, Entertainment Architects

バイポーラ・エンパイアのデビュー・アルバム"Feel That You Own It"からの2ndシングル。



Bipolar Empire/Feel That You Own It
Bipolar Empire BIPOLCD004 (Digital Download)

Feel That You Own It


Bipolar Empire/Feel That You Own It
Bipolar Empire BIPOLCD005 (Digital Download)

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