Art Of Noise / Live at the End of a Century


UK ZTT/SALVO Element 34. (Apr.2014)

第4期アート・オブ・ノイズの12インチシングル。1999年10月9日に開催された「第1回コーチェラ・フェスティバル」出演時のライブ音源を収録。2015年発売のアート・オブ・ノイズのCD/DVDボックスセット"at the End of a Century"からの先行シングル。2014年春の"レコード・ストア・デイ"向けにリリースされた。

track list

Out of This World (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Born on a Sunday (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)

Moments in Love (Dudley/Horn/Jeczalik/Langan/Morley)




Art Of Noise/At The End of a Century
ZTT/SALVO SALVOSVX029 - Element 37.

【CD1】Balance - Music For The Eye
Intro / Dans Le Style D'une Sarabande Mais Sans Rigueur / The Falling Rocket / A Distant Ringing Of Horns / Bayonet / Bored On A Sunday / Hummingbird / Dans Le Style D'un Chanson Populaire / Intro / The Food Of Love / Music For The I / Dreaming In Colour / Speechless Creatures / Middle, Index, Thumb / It's All In The Ears / On CD / Intro / Driving Rain Plus / The Case For A Complete Performance
/ Blue Murder / The Interrupted Serenade / Ce N'est Pas Fini! / The Reflection Of A Reflection / In The Balance (Across The Century) / Fin De Siécle / Un Tendre Et Triste Regret

【CD2】The Production Of Claude Debussy (The Producer's Cut)
Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century) / Born On A Sunday / Dreaming In Colour / On Being Blue / Rapt: In The Evening Air / Metaforce / The Holy Egoism Of Genius / La Flûte De Pan / Out Of This World (Version 138) / Metaphor On The Floor / Approximate Mood Swing No. 2 / Pause / Dreaming (Colour Yellow) / Dreaming (Colour Green) / Dreaming (Colour Black) / Dreaming (Colour Silver)

【DVD】The Image Of A Group At The End Of A Century
Born Again / Born Again / The Art Of Debussy (short film) / Serenade Of The Dolls (out-take from The Art Of Debussy) / Rain (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
/ Blue Murder (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
A Private Audience With Art Of Noise (Live Coexistence, 01 June 2000) / A Public Audience With Art Of Noise (Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire, 22nd March 2000) / A Sales Device / Dreaming In Colour / Metaforce / Something Is Missing / Something Is Missing (Reprise, Coexistence, Take 4) / La Flute De Pan (Coexistence, Rehearsals)

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