GG/06 / Son Of Man


UK Graham Gouldman / Kevin Godley (Digital Download) (May.2007)


track list

Son Of Man (Godley/Gouldman)


Kevin Godley: Lead vocal / backing vocals / Mac dubs
Graham Gouldman: Electric guitars / acoustic guitar / bass / backing vocals
Mike Stevens: Keyboards / drum programming / final mix
Hotlegs / Ramases / unknown: Audio samples

Produced by Kevin Godley, Graham Gouldman and Mike Stevens
Recorded and mixed at: CANALOT 302B STUDIO, Kensal Road, London.
Mastered by: Matthew Denny / MASTERBLASTER / unit 228, canalot studios


GG/06: Lp1
EMI Music (Digital Download)

The Same Road / Johnny Hurts / / Hooligan Crane / Son Of Man / Barry's Shoes

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Prodigal Son feat GG/06 & Hotlegs/Son Of Man (Collision Club Mix)

Son Of Man (Collision Club Mix)

"Son Of Man"のリミックス1曲のみ収録。

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