Art Of Noise / At The End of a Century


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UK ZTT/SALVO SALVOSVX029 - Element 37. (Feb.2015)

アン・ダドリー、トレヴァー・ホーン、ポール・モーリー、ロル・クレームによる第4期アート・オブ・ノイズのコンピレーション盤。2CD+1DVDで構成。19世紀のフランス人作曲家クロード・ドビュッシーをモチーフとしたアルバム「ドビュッシーの誘惑」周辺の音源とビデオを収録。1枚目のCDに、1996年にジ・イメージ・オブ・ア・グループ名で制作された"Balance - Music For The Eye"全編を初収録。2枚目のCDには「ドビュッシーの誘惑」の未発表の最終ミックス版(The Producer's Cut)を収録。DVDには2000年に行われた、コーイグジスタンスでのスタジオ・ライブとロンドンのシェファーズ・ブッシュ・エンパイアでの野外ライブの二つのフルコンサート映像とロルが監督した短編"The Art Of Debussy"やプロモーションビデオ等が収録されている。

track list

【CD1】Balance - Music For The Eye
Part One
・Intro (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Dans Le Style D'une Sarabande Mais Sans Rigueur (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・The Falling Rocket (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・A Distant Ringing Of Horns (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Bayonet (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Bored On A Sunday (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Hummingbird (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Dans Le Style D'un Chanson Populaire (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Part Two
・Intro (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・The Food Of Love (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Music For The I (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Dreaming In Colour (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Speechless Creatures (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Middle, Index, Thumb (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・It's All In The Ears (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・On CD (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Part Three
・Intro (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Driving Rain Plus (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・The Case For A Complete Performance (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Blue Murder (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・The Interrupted Serenade (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Ce N'est Pas Fini! (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・The Reflection Of A Reflection (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・In The Balance (Across The Century) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Fin De Siécle (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
・Un Tendre Et Triste Regret (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)

【CD2】The Production Of Claude Debussy (The Producer's Cut)
Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Born On A Sunday (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley/Jackman)
Dreaming In Colour (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
On Being Blue (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Rapt: In The Evening Air (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley/Rakim)
Metaforce (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley/Rakim)
The Holy Egoism Of Genius (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
La Flûte De Pan (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Out Of This World (Version 138) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Metaphor On The Floor (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley/Rakim)
Approximate Mood Swing No. 2 (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Pause (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Dreaming (Colour Yellow) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Dreaming (Colour Green) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Dreaming (Colour Black) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)
Dreaming (Colour Silver) (Creme/Dudley/Horn/Morley)

【DVD】The Image Of A Group At The End Of A Century
Part One: The Image of a Group
・Born Again
・Born Again
・The Art Of Debussy (short film)
・Serenade Of The Dolls (out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
・Rain (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
・Blue Murder (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
Part Two: Art Of Noise
・A Private Audience With Art Of Noise (Live Coexistence, 01 June 2000)
・A Public Audience With Art Of Noise (Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire, 22nd March 2000)
・A Sales Device
・Dreaming In Colour
・Something Is Missing
・Something Is Missing (Reprise, Coexistence, Take 4)
・La Flute De Pan (Coexistence, Rehearsals)


Produced by Trevor Horn for Himself
Co-Producers: Henry Jackman("Born On A Sunday"), Way Out West("Dreaming In Colour"), Sharktank("Metaforce"), Ollie J("Metaphor On The Floor")
Recorded and Protools by Tim Weidner for Sarm Management
Played, pretended and Seduced by art of noise
art of noise play themselves
Lol Creme (guitar, voice and keyboards) plays himself
Anne Dudley (piano, orchestral arrangement, voice and keyboards) plays herself
Trevor Horn (bass, voice and keyboards) plays himself
Paul Morley (metaphors, voice and keyboards) plays himself
Additional Engineers: Roger Dudley, Tom Elmhirst, Andy Gallimore, Marc Lane, Richard Lowe, Michael Perfitt, Mike Ross, Tim Wills, Paul Wright
Assistant Engineers: Dan Bierton, Alex Black, Andre Coulam, Matt Crawford, Andy Davies, Jamie Hart, Marc Lane, Iain Roberton, Malook Singh Kundan, Dan Vickers
Technical Assistance: Justin Fraser, Alexander Areteos
Production Co-ordination: Angusta Quiney, Debbie Caponetta
Recorded around the world at an average temperature of 20 degrees centigrade
masterd by Steve Marcussen at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles and Ian Cooper atMetropolis Mastering, London
Digital Editing by Don C. Tyler and Spencer Chrislu


art of noise/live at the end of a century
ZTT/Salvo Element 34

Out of This World / Born on a Sunday
Moments in Love

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