Pet Shop Boys / Concrete (album)


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UK Parlophone 00946 378585 2 3 (Oct.2006)

ニール・テナントとクリス・ロウによるテクノ・ユニット、ペット・ショップ・ボーイズの初のライヴ盤アルバム。コンサート自体の音楽監督とアルバムのプロデュースをトレヴァー・ホーンが担当。当日はベースも演奏している。元々は英国BBC Radio2の番組用に企画され、2006年5月8日ロンドンのマーメイド・シアターで収録されたもの。ラジオでの放送は5月27日。ニールへのインタビューがライヴの間に挟まる構成だった。

track list

Left To My Own Devices (Tennant/Lowe)
Rent (Tennant/Lowe)
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (Tennant/Lowe)
The Sodom And Gomorrah Show (Tennant/Lowe)
Cassanova in Hell (Tennant/Lowe)
After All (Tennant/Lowe)
Friendly Fire (Tennant/Lowe)
Integral (Tennant/Lowe)

Numb (Warren)
It's Alright (Void/Jefferson/Brightledge)
Luna Park (Tennant/Lowe)
Nothing Has Been Proved (Tennant/Lowe)
Jealousy (Tennant/Lowe)
Dreaming Of The Queen (Tennant/Lowe)
It's A Sin (Tennant/Lowe)
Indefinite Leave To Remain (Tennant/Lowe)
West End Girls (Tennant/Lowe)


Performed by Pet Shop Boys and The BBC Concert Orchestra.

'Cassanova in Hell' sung by Rufus Wainwright.
'Friendly Fire' sung by Frances Barber.
'Jealousy' sung by Robbie Wikkiams.
Featured vocalist on 'Left To My Own Devices' and 'It's Alright': Sally Bradshaw.

Musical Director: Trevor Horn
Conductor: Nick Ingman
Orchestral arrangements prepared by Nick Ingman
Programmer: Pete Gleadall
Piano/keyboards: Anne Dudley
Drums: Paul Robinson
Bass: Trevor Horm
Guitar: Steve Lipson
Backing Vocalists: Trevor Horn, Lol Creme, Andy Caine, Sylvia Mason-James, Lucinda Barry

All tracks procduced by Trevor Horn
Engineered and mixed by Tim Weidner at Sarm Studios, London
Engineered and edited by Rob orton
Pre-production engineering by Rob Smith
Mastered by Metropolis Studios, London
BBC Radio 2 producer: Ruth Beazley
BBC Radio 2 engineer: Paul Long

Original recording: Monday May 8th, 2006 at the Mermaid Theatre, London

Original transmission: Saturday May 27th, 2006 on BBC Radio 2, from 21:03 to 22:30

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